financial-servicesI don’t know what a tracker mortgage is! One of the most famous advertising lines from the last decade, couple that with terms such as fixed rate, variable rate, life cover, mortgage protection and house insurance and suddenly buying or selling a home can become even more daunting.

Instinct will guide you towards your bank for advice on these items but this can result in feeling trapped into accepting their offerings. Due to our independent status we can offer the advise of a Qualified Financial Advisor to sit down and go through these terms. We take you through all the requirements, step by step explaining all the costs and pitfalls that your bank might not.

If you are experiencing difficulties with mortgage approval, we can offer advice on how to improve your financial health with the view to mortgage approval success. We can help you put a savings plan in place. Additionally we can assist with pension planning.

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Financial services provided by Vinfin Ltd, t/a Claffey and Egan financial brokers who are regulated by the central Bank. This is a separately owned company from Mark Charles Properties. Mark Conroy is an employee of Vinfin Ltd.